Rotimi Oyenekan
Rotimi, a self-taught saxophonist and guitarist and learned early on to use his gift to glorify God, edify and bring joy to others as well as himself. Rotimi became very popular on the East Bay music scene often making guest appearances and open mic and Jam sessions to display his first love, MUSIC. Rotimi a devoted Christian and Philanthropist founded "GBADUNN-in-style Group" GBADUNN means ENJOY. in-style simply is to "put a little bit of style into what you do". Rotimi understands the power in music that you must "gbadunn" "enjoy" it.. As Bob Marley puts it "When music hits you, feel no pain." So Rotimi believes as follow; Firstly, Gbadunn God. Secondly, Gbadunn Yourself. Thirdly, Gbadunn Music.